Personal background

This is more or less a personal homepage - but it will cover not always my personality. It is dedicated to my personal favorites in wireless communication. I've touched the first real two-way-radio at the age of eight - und could not get managed to leave the hands of that things until today.

Wireless communication as my hobby

  • started in 1981 with CB-Radio
  • continued in 1986 with a amateur-radio training-course
  • "gave" with 1987 the permission to participate in the amateur radio service
  • made me becoming an operator of a rattling RTTY-teleprinter
  • helped in builing the 9k6 AX.25 Packet Radio network
  • brought me to the VHF contest team of DKØALK
  • resulted in a lot of activities in emergency communications
  • continues seamlessly by assigning the education callsign DN1NF
  • has produced a large collection of emergency radio equipment in my basement
  • made me the inventor of a german-based initiative to bring emergency communication to "normal people" in replacement for wired emergency call systems.

Of course i have a life beyond my "radio activities". In this "other life" you can find my reading quite a lot of books, listening to a variuos types of music, sometimes playing the drums and percussion, and travelling around the world. But all these activities are total different stories.