Communication for anyone

It started with CB-Radio

... and it never stopped until now. Even after I passed the exam for the amateur radio service, I never stopped working on CB. For example i took part in the security task force of my hometown CB-Radio club during events (bicycle races, motor sports, parades). In fact I nearly own - even today - more CB than amateur radio devices ;-)

However, a few years ago I also started to use other german radio applications like FreeNet (VHF / 149 MHz) and PMR446 (UHF / 446 MHz). PMR446 especially is approved in many countries by now and can therefore also provide valuable services on vacation. The small devices are the ideal "companion" if you are on your way in a convoy. Also they are best practice, if you play with the grandchildren or go on a geocaching tour through the woods - and whe i visit campgrounds with my mobile home and i want to say my xyl to bring a long some fresh water, hi hi.

My personal CB history

In the table below you will find pictures of every cb radio i owned in the past. I added also descriptions of the radios i own currently. They are uses with my emergency radio equipemt. By the way: You can enlarge the pictures by clicking/tapping on them.

Grundig cB10

Handheld - Grundig CB 10

That's more or less what it looked like: The first two-way radio in my life. It had only 6 channels, but was otherwise identical in construction. A classmate owned two of them and borrowed me one, so that we can stay in contact after school. One day i discovered that other people do also use CB radios. This was my very first step into a whole new world.
Stabo Delta 120

Handheld - Stabo Delta 120

The very first radio i bought to myself. It has accompanied me for many years and it still amazes me, that it didn't go up in smoke because of the many experiments (e.g. with antennas) i did - without knowing anything about wireless technologies. The device had 12 channels in AM, which are (very unusually) were switched by a long slide switch on the front panel. In addition i owned a rechargeable battery pack and a short rubber antenna.
Stabo XM 3500

Mobile - Stabo XM 3500

A long time ago before i achieved my driver's licence i've purchased my first mobil radio. It was very handy, small and had no useless knobs and so on. I used it until i becam a amateur radio operator. Then i sold it to a good friend.
Stabo XH 8082

Handheld - Stabo XH 8082

I remained faithful to the Stabo company. In later years i've purchased this handheld device: My first 80-channel radio. It was wonderfully robust and very flexible when using adaptors for antenne and power. I still regret today that I have sold, because it was a high class handheld radio.
Superstar 2400

Mobile - Superstar 2400

Yes, this radio was illegal to use in Germany, because it was a CB transmitter modified for export reasons. But: I already possessed my amateur radio license and so i have been allowed to operate it on 10-Meter amateur radio band. In 1987 i had the chance to have my first contact to the "other germany" (German Democratic Republic) using a very bad antenna. I can still remember exactly the report i've received: The OM described the modulation as "sounds very strange".
Emperor Shogun

Mobile - Emperor Shogun

Of course, this was already an amateur radio, but it still covered the CB band as well. I used it for several years in my car and i had a lot of fun with it. I don't want to tell you further details ;-)