Emergency communications

Homebrew-project "Radio cases"

Notfunkkoffer Everything started with a personal task: I had to clean up my basement storage. This was absolutely necessary after two years of living in our new house. During those action i found out that i still have a massive amount of wireless radios, antennas and equipment - but that every part needs to be prepared first before it can be used - wether in normal or in emergency operations. In the meanwhile i did read an outstanding book named "Blackout" from Mr. Marc Elsberg. In that book the author described the case of a terrorist attack to the european power lines, power infrastructures, power networks and power stations as well - starting with a simple hack of smart power meters. As a result of that attack europe turned into a chaos during only some single days because of missing power.
One of the biggest problems in that story was the coordination work and the communication lines between the government, the federal emergency management and the local relief organisations. At this point i started to think, that amateur radio (and other wireless radio systems) can be helpfull in a clearly visible way. So I started my project.

All my "cases" were packed

Notfunkkoffer One of the things i've found in my basement in masses were: Toolboxes, transportation cases and other containers!!! So i got the idea to put any of my radios and additional equipment into a case or box so that i can take them out of the house very fast and transport them in an easy way. In addition the idea was to have all the devices ready for use all the time. So some of the cases got cabling inside for an easy set-up of communication lines. Same for the equipment and the antennas: Any part should be used quick and fast and as flexible as possible. At last: Anything should run only with 12 Volts DC - so that it can work in any case based in automobiles - or supplied with external power supplies like photovoltaic or portable power generators.

Project and documentation

Notfunkkoffer Any advanced project is not a good project without a detailed documentation. At first i wanted to write textfiles with pictures (or a single word document) - like a printed handbook. But this was not my personal kind of style. So i decided to set-up a project-website using the Joomla CMS (which makes it much more easier to change and add content). Now you can visit that site. But unfortuantely everything is only presented in german language. I don't have the intention and time to translate it into english. But you can find some nice pictures of my emergency cases. During watching please till remember: Everything was built up from parts i did find in my basement storage. Only minor things i did buy additionally.
Have a look at yourself if you like: aknotfunk.de/dj1ng

Emergency communication station DN1NF

Because i want to use amateur radio also in "non-crisis"-situations and for the training of other people i applied at the germany telecommunication authority for a special "educational call". I got DN1NF. Under my supervision anybody can use that call sign using amateur two-way radios on amateur radio frequencies. This is very helpfull to train interessted people in using amateur radio in emergency situations.