Wireless as a hobby

Everything started with ...


... a six-channel AM cb-radio handheld radio which first presented me a very small window to the big world of wireless communications. But i never stopped working with CB-Radio, neither after getting my amateur radio license. So i worked (of course as a volunteer) for my local CB radio club in security services on festivals, in motor sports or similar events. Fortunately i still own some CB-Radios, antennas and the necessary equipment - and will never sell it. I did the opposite: I bought some additionals parts because CB radio is an important part of my emergency communication activity.

In addition i started to use the two other legal private radio systems available in Germany: "FreeNet" (6 channels on 149 MHz) and PMR446. The last system is available also in many other european countries and allows you to work on 8 channels on 446 MHz using analogue (PMR446) or digital modulation (DMR446). I like those radios very much for education in my local youth red cross organisation. The kids will have a lot of fun with that radios - and they will never disturb the professional ambulance and rescue communication services.

... and did not stop with the upcoming internet!

Connecting my wireless hobby with the internet i created an online database where you can find a bunch of hobby wireless radio stations all around in Germany with their contact data - for contacting and scheduling radio traffic. Also i set up a local german info-website. On that site a newbie can find an overview and detailed informations about ANY wireless hobby which is available in the area of the Federal Republic of Germany nowadays.