Amateur radio

Amateur radio activitists sent satellite to space
Radio amateurs are building a wireless internet
Amateur radio operators always have large antenna arrays

These statements represent three (out of a large number of) sides of a single - but world-connective hobby. In the past few centuries amateur radio created more understanding between the differents tribes on planet earth than any politician or the whole United Nations were able to do.

... is outstanding technology

Homebrew Elbug

As an amateur radio operator my favourite activities are

... is worldwide communication


Of course i use every single part of my equipment from time to time ;-) My favorite waste of time is:

... is club-life


In my early years i was active as a head of youth working in the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) (still the largest amateur radio organization in Germany). During almost 15 years i was not active on amateur radio but only in the professional wireless section of my local red cross organization. In 2015 i did return to my local DARC section. I'm now working there as a consultant for emergency communications. I have the strong feeling, that this is my personal way of doing that hobby. Fortunately that long years of experience with commercial and professional wireless radio are a big fortune hereby.

... is home


I never had a fixed rig or station at home - only for temporary experiments. Sitting in a small chamber with a lots of electronics surrounding me is not my personal thing in that wide spreaded hobby "amateur radio". Normally i prefer to travel to a nice and high place and mount up my portable equipment for temporary work on HF and VHF/UHF. In addition i like very much to meet people vis-a-vis - e.g. in my local radio club. But - wether i'm out in nature or joining the meetings in my club - i still feel like beeing at home anyway.